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Your skin tells your story

Skin changes are among the most visible signs of aging. Skin aging depends on genetic factors specific to each of us, as well as on our choices and lifestyle.

It is a natural, irreversible process due to an accumulation of cellular damage over time. But what if you could delay the aging process with a revolutionary skin care technology that can improve your skin – and keep it healthy and glowing for years to come?

How can Caligenix help guide personalized skin treatment options?

Based on the individuals’ unique genetics, the easy-to-read Caligenix report provides you with personalized skin care treatment choices to guide you through better use of skin care products and nutritional support as needed.

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Caligenix provides personalized insights on the individual’s genetic predisposition affecting skin health.

Caligenix empowers you with skin care treatment options and dietary micronutrient recommendations based on your genetic profile.

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DNA-based skin care designed just for you

Caligenix guides you through the overwhelming offers of different skin care products, and discover the innovative ingredients that science shows work best for your skin. Discover how genetics, lifestyle, and nutrition impact how you look and feel.

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How It Works

This saliva based test is supported by scientifically validated genetic testing technologies, using clinically relevant markers and assays. In just 2-3 weeks, your Caligenix Skin Care report will be delivered and accessible  from your computer and mobile device.

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Personalized Skin Care Report

  • Results that are easy to read and understand

  • Personalized wellness guidelines included

  • Actionable treatment options

  • Matching Topical, Nutrition & Treatment Solutions

  • Reports available online (desktop and mobile)

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