Corporate Wellness

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Genetically informed health and wellness programs.

Today, successful corporate programs require a blend of digital telemedicine solutions, genetic testing, and nutrition and exercise coaching.

Companies are working with physicians and other healthcare professional to incorporate genetic testing with coaching on nutrition and exercise to help employees lose weight and improve their health before serious conditions develop.

This precision component of wellness programs may help make employees more aware of their risk factors and point them to ways to improve their health and lifestyle.

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The Healthcare Challenge

45% of healthcare costs are spent on preventable conditions:

Obesity, diabetes, hypertension & heart disease

- All caused by both genetics and unhealthy behaviors

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1 in 3 people are obese.

40% to 70%

40% - 70% of the risk for obesity is linked to genetics.


39 million lost work days are associated with obesity

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$220 billion spent annually on obesity, medical care and lost productivity

The Science, Your DNA

Your DNA unlocks the information on how your body works at its best. Caligenix analyzes over 75 genetic markers that impact your metabolism, exercise, and energy in the body. Through the examination of these genetic markers, physicians and health professionals are better able able to help patients:

→ Understand metabolism and dietary traits
→ Optimize the effects of physical activity and exercise
→ Enhance the nutritional balance of diet
→ Understand eating behaviors
→ Promote genotype based diet plans

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