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Caligenix helps people understand what their DNA says about their nutrition, fitness, skin care and lifestyle — to create a more complete picture of their wellness potential.

Wellness is a lifetime journey, and we’re here to give your clients the roadmap to help optimize their wellness for right now—and for years to come.

As a Certified Coach you will get to know your clients on a personal level and help them navigate the data, understand what it means, and most importantly, put it to use. We’re here to empower you and your clients to make the changes they need to live well.

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Use your clients' DNA profiles to build training regimens, prevent injuries, or provide nutritional support.

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Using cutting-edge science, Caligenix provides insights to provide coaches and athletes reach their highest levels of performance.

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Caligenix empowers coaches with actionable insights to help adjust training specific to each athlete's needs.

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