Harnessing the power of genomics and technology to create breakthrough personalization

Having built the first-of-its-kind DNA + RNA biomarker test, a fully automated globally recognized robotics lab and the artificial intelligence (AI) to generate personalized recommendations, Caligenix is empowering the world’s best wellness product brands with the evidence, feedback loop and genomic expression they have long needed to improve the health and lives of their customers.

Welcome to wellness that is measurably more.

In today’s betterment product market, nothing is measured and efficacy is judged only on how you feel.



Moving beyond 

n = 10,000 to n = 1

Caligenix is a new kind of diagnostic company — existing at the intersection of machine learning, cellular engineering, and supplementation recommendation — pioneering Diagnostic Biology™  to create breakthrough personalization.

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Moving beyond.

We’ve studied millions of DNA | RNA data points in order to learn the biomarker rules and implications by which nature encodes function. We use those learned rules to generate novel nutrition and skincare recommendations with specific therapeutic functions.

We call this breakthrough Diagnostic Biology. It represents a fundamental shift in what’s possible in the field of neutraceutical development & pharmacology.

Data interpretation to Machine Intelligence.

We use computational tools to generate personalized recommendations, unlike anything that exists on the market today.

Hand processing to Fully Automated Robotics Lab.

Using next generation robotics and proprietary lab protocols we have established a state of the art DNA / RNA processing facility.

From DNA alone to combined RNA signatures.

Up until now the focus has been on where you came from (Genetics) to where you are going (predispositions) to now real time reporting and biofeedback loop.

Every individual human is unique and has different needs.

Caligenix is a NextGen precision health biotech company that personalizes the science and individualizes the data to deliver measurably more.

The New Opportunity

The greatest opportunity that we have is to add the missing feedback loop to an industry that already has market adoption and interest - Enter GeneLoop.

Our proprietary R&D has been used to create 2 business models for consumers

Today our research & development proprietary testing is ready to be monetized and commercialized.

Genomic bio-markers analyzed by AI technology that determines the optimal nutrition and supplement intervention for each individual.

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Genomic bio-markers analyzed by
AI technology and facial scans that determine optimal skincare intervention and recommends of our proprietary products for each individual.

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Founding Team

Dr. Tzur Gabi


Eliad Josephson


Dr. Steve Henig, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Mitch Harhay

Chief Technology Officer

Scientific Advisors

Dr. Colleen Draper,

Clinical and Molecular Nutrition Science

Dr. Lee Schmidt,

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology

Diana Noland,

Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition