Genetic Testing for Nutrition, Fitness & Skin Care

Discover how your genetics can provide you with a personalized plan to maximize your genetic potential.

They say it's what's inside that counts.
Well, let's take a look, shall we?

It’s not about what they do, it’s about what you do. Access the power of your DNA and change the way you think about fitness and nutrition forever.

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Nutrition & Fitness

Learn how your genes can impact your:

  • Nutrient Metabolism

  • Cardio-Metabolic Health

  • Weight Management and Body Composition

  • And much more...

Sports Nutrition

Learn how your genes can impact your:

  • Recovery time

  • Nutrient requirements

  • Athletic performance

  • And much more...

"In my 26 year career I have watched personalized preventive wellness grow into advanced DNA analysis that finally gives an Individual a targeted  blue print specific to their own preventive wellness needs. Caligenix is the most advanced DNA based personalized wellness program company that provides accurate analysis and  comprehensive implementation support for powerful roadmap towards an optimum healthy life."

Elissa Harris
Individual,  Corporate Health and Wellness Coach/ Consultant

"The Caligenix test was so easy to do! Unlike a fat-pincher or a blood work, this was simple and pain-free. The results were fascinating. It helped explain a lot of what I may have sensed, yet affirmed what I need to do to regain control of my health."

Alycia Darby
Trainer, Speaker, Fitness Educator

"Caligenix takes out a lot of the guess work."

Dr. Tzur Gabi

"I have found the owner's manual to my body. I have all the information I need to feel great."

Nicole Gil

How It Works

It's simple.
1. Order

Get started by ordering your saliva collection kit and registering through our online portal.

2. Spit

Spit in the tube provided, then ship it back in the prepaid box — all from your home or office.

3. Discover

In 3-4 weeks you will receive your personalized DNA report.

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Report - Personalized DNA Wellness

  • Results that are easy to read and understand

  • Personalized wellness guidelines included

  • Actionable treatment options

  • Comprehensive 1-on-1 coaching

  • Reports available online

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Experts On Your Journey

Data alone is not empowering. So we give you your own personal coach.

Are you due for an upgrade?

You can live longer!

You can have the same computer hardware (genes) but load different software (epigenes) and have a different operator (individual lifestyle and environment). While your genes are the same, the outcome can be entirely different.

Environmental influences like diet, stress and nutrition can make an imprint on genes that is passed from one generation to the next. Lifestyle choices can help us turn genes on or off and you can enjoy better health. 

Your destiny lies in your lifestyle choices – will they sustain you or drain you?

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Results You Can Trust

Certified Tests

All of our genetic tests meet FDA criteria for being scientifically and clinically valid.

Accredited Labs

All saliva samples are processed in CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited labs.

FDA-cleared Kits

Our DNA collection kit is FDA-cleared for use with our genetic tests.

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